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Why Rapid Prototyping
source: https://www.youtube.com

The reasons of fast Prototyping area unit

  1. To increase effective communication.
  2. To decrease development time.
  3. To decrease expensive mistakes.
  4. To minimize sustaining engineering changes.
  5. To extend product lifespan by adding necessary options and eliminating redundant options early within the style.

Rapid Prototyping decreases development time by permitting corrections to a product to be created early within the method. By giving engineering, producing, marketing, and buying a glance at the merchandise early within the style method, mistakes may be corrected and changes may be created whereas they're still cheap. The trends in producing industries still emphasize the following:

Increasing range of variants of merchandise.
Increasing product complexness.
Decreasing product lifespan before degeneration.
Decreasing delivery time.

Rapid Prototyping improves development by enabling  higher communication in an exceedingly coincident engineering setting.

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